Ginger is widely used in cooking and in medicine in a fresh, dried or powdered form. Its oil and juice are also very popular. Ginger can treat different types of stomach illnesses, including morning sickness, motion sickness, colic, gas, upset stomach, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting after surgery, nausea (because of cancer treatment), loss of appetite.
Ginger can also bring relief from pain due to muscle soreness or arthritis, from menstrual pain, cough, as well as from upper respiratory tract infections, and bronchitis. Ginger also removes low back pain, chest pain, and stomach pain. Sometimes fresh ginger juice is applied to the skin to treat burns. The ginger oil is applied to relieve pain.
One of the chemicals which can be found in ginger is used as an ingredient in anti-gas, laxative, and antacid medications. Ginger includes chemicals which reduce inflammation and nausea. It is believed that these chemicals work in the intestines and stomach, but they are also useful for functioning of brain and nervous system, look adrafinil.

Ginger is mostly safe for adults. Some people may suffer from mild side effects such as diarrhea, heartburn, and stomach discomfort. Women have reported more active menstrual bleeding when consuming ginger. When ginger contacts the skin, it may lead to irritation.
The use if ginger during pregnancy is quite controversial. It is known to influence fetal sex hormones. There is information about miscarriage in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy in women who took ginger to avoid morning sickness. Still, studies involving pregnant women claim that ginger is completely safe for morning sickness.
The risk for malformations in infants isn't higher than 1% to 3%. There is no proof of the increased risk of low birth weight or early labor. There is possibility that ginger can increase bleeding if taken before delivery. It's important to weigh the benefit against the risk before starting to take ginger during pregnancy. It's also recommended to talk your healthcare provider.
Ginger should be carefully taken by diabetics as it can lower blood sugar. One has to adjust diabetes medications together with his or her healthcare provider.