Customer Reviews

I'm 83 years old and four months ago I was not able to walk to my driveway from weakness as I am a diabetic with many problems. I was taking vitamins all along, but they did nothing for me.

I had a hiatal hernia that kept me awake 3 hours after my evening snack. I finally decided to get the SUPER CELL PROTECTOR. The second day I took it, I felt more energy. I was always cold before, but then I felt warmer and I was able to walk better. In three weeks, I was walking four blocks. I lowered my insulin intake by 10 units so far. It's been four months and now I can go shopping on my own. I can sleep nights, my food digests and my elimination is like 40 years ago. I got new hair growth and my skin is no longer dry. I look 65, so they tell me. My family threw out their vitamins and switched to Youngevity.

My 11-yr. old great grandson was on Ritalin, so we got him off that and on SUPER CELL PROTECTOR. Now his subjects are reading and math and his moody mother has a better disposition with Super Cell too. We have all benefited greatly and thanks to you for making all this happen.

I was a total wreck. I feel great now, much better than 2 years ago, so thanks to you. Some people take 25 drugs a day and can't figure out why they feel so bad. I used to be in the nursing field. Some doctors will never make Heaven. Doctors that get sick are scared of the very drugs they readily give patients. I'm staying with Youngevity.

Sincerely yours, Delma Poston, St. Petersburg, FL

My mother is diabetic, has heart disease and high blood pressure. She is also about 50 lbs. overweight and has no energy. I gave her the FM 2001 and VITALITY IMMUNITY ANTI-OXIDANT COMPLEX. She took them home, but soon called to say she couldn't take the FM 2001 because of the warning on the back. I assured her the product was safe and would not harm her, but she wanted to see her doctor first. We went to see her Cardiologist the next week. He looked over the ingredients and told her that there was nothing in them that would hurt her. He said it was all natural and would be good for her. He then saw the bottle of VITALITY-IMMUNITY ANTI-OXIDANT COMPLEX, turned and said, "I want you to take the Anti-Oxidant also, you need to be taking this." Her health has improved, her energy level is up and she has lost 10 lbs. in four weeks.

D. Marquette, Louisiana