Abidexin stimulates central nervous system and heart, increases chlorogenic acid level and brain activity, decreases cholesterol level, controls stomach upsets, and increases antioxidant level.
According to my findings, these pills really cause some weight loss, but many people find Abidexin not effective enough, look phentaslim. Moreover, Abidexin contains a lot of caffeine, so, heavy coffee drinkers can even get no effect from taking the pills.

Abidexin is known to make a person eat less, enhance one's metabolism, and improve one's happiness, reduce body fat. It includes patented ingredients which make it a strong fat burner. The official website offers before and after photos and the necessary information on the product. As the manufacturers of Abidexin claim, their product is effective in burning fat and making you eat less, but still they recommend to exercise regularly and to stick to a healthy diet.
No information has been received on side effects of Abidexin, but people with heart diseases and high blood pressure should be aware of the fact that there is great caffeine content in Abidexin. Another ingredient Co Enzyme Q10 may decrease blood sugar levels which should be considered by diabetics. It can also interact with some medications in a negative way, so it's recommended to take advice from a doctor before taking this product. The pills should be taken appropriately, while overdosing can cause too much weight loss which is harmful for health.